Thanks to Ivo Fontana you can customize your furniture with the measures you more comfortable.
Everyone can have their own custom design. Contact Ivo Fontana furniture with the measures that you want to decorate the environment and our consultant will provide you with a detailed plan and its budget that will always be tailored to your investment options.

Through our joinery we can offer a high degree of customization and original solutions thanks to our skilled carpenters who will make for you custom furniture.

We will also offer assistance in time because we produce your decor and know the secrets of the wood



We are able to accept any possible idea and transfom it into reality . We are looking for designers very creative designers that understand the values of materials used and know the most important processes of manufacturing


Once we have finalized your idea into a real prototype we need designer's help to create a visual image of it in accordance with the highest visual graphic tools around in order to present that kind of objects in the most attractive possible way to our consumers


with the measures detailed environment we will provide a detailed plan and its budget that will always be tailored to your investment needs.


We are able to provide you any kind of materials in order to create and built any kind of object . Rember that we are really focues on Wood and relative materials

Sample Making

Once we have done the first prototype in accordance with the teste of designers we will take some times to refine and adjust it in order the final one will be the most similar possible to the first designer's idea


Once we have created prototype we need to study industrial arrangments of costs in accordance of the volumes we will suppose to sell and the target of possible customers to reach .


Before upload that real object/s on e commerce we will make a possible study in accordance with our financial possibility and the time we will need to produce different quantity of the same object in order to give to customers the same quality in time

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